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Before You Shop for a New Home


Looking for a home, whether you’re a first-timer or an old hand, is a thrilling experience. To insure that the ride is more highs than lows, be prepared. Before we tour the first home, take time to think about what you need and want in a home.


How long do you plan to live in the home? Do you have funds for a down payment (either savings or perhaps gift money)? What’s the best location for you? Single family detached home or condo? What are the features you need to have in a home? What are the features that would be nice to have but aren’t deal breakers if you don’t have them? Answer these questions and it’s time to get…



Unless you are purchasing with cash, a great lender is crucial to successfully buying a home. Your lender can study your financial situation and advise you if there are areas you need to work on before you buy. Lenders also provide key guidance on the type of loan you qualify for and if there are any programs that would be helpful for you (such as FHA, VA, or RD loans and down payment assistance).


Finally, lenders provide you with the golden ticket of today’s market – the pre-approval letter. It’s incredibly frustrating to find your perfect home only to lose it because you didn’t have a pre-approval letter. In today’s fast moving market, sellers want to know you can afford their home before they welcome you to tour it. Once you have the pre-approval letter in hand, it’s time to …


Based on your answer to the ready questions and your knowledge of the price you are comfortable and set to pay, it’s time to tour homes that meet your criteria and find your next home!

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